The Script:

In this instance Laura Hypponen (Film Director and Writer) supplied a ‘poem’ as the script, this was the initial contact point with the character  and provides us with some insight into Face number 1, Jester, played by Annarose Catternach. Along with the poem, was a brief description of visual and character traits created by Hypponen (below).

‘The Jester character is a mix between a classic Pierrot / Commedia dell’ Arte character, and a cabaret performer / circus compere – provocative, playful, mysterious – good and evil, fun and sad, even dangerous, at once’.


Excuse me ladies and gents

Spare some change?

Just a moment of your time

I’ll provide some moral entertainment

Medicine for darkened souls

How old-fashioned, I know!

Makes me want to weep, but not quite

For aren’t we all resigned

To eating ourselves fat and shopping till we drop

Working ourselves dry and wanking till we cry

And so who cares if what we do is wrong or right – right?

I’ve been told it’s such a pity

That a woman should let go this way

She was well brought up and keen to please

A promise of a perfect life

Smelling fresh and looking neat

Crisp sheets, lace and sugar coating

Trips to Paris and the theatre sometimes

What went wrong they say

Oh, it’s such a waste!

You see, I thought – life is short

Why can’t I decide what’s good for me?

Even if it takes me to the darkest depths of desperation

At least I’m searching for the light

At least I know I tried

Hey I’m not done yet

Please, wait…

Well fuck you too

At least I got a drink out of it.

By Laura Hypponen


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